April 11, 2016

Resources for Case Study Discussion Leaders




Resources for Case Study Discussion Leaders

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Anti-Fraud Collaboration has published the Hollate Manufacturing Case Study to help the financial reporting supply chain – audit committees, financial executives and internal and external auditors – engage in interactive discussions on stopping a fraud once it has been identified. To support and maximize the utility of the case, the Center for Audit Quality has developed a series of videos to help qualified instructors lead a discussion using the case study method. Instructors new to the case method approach will find the content useful; experienced case study teachers will find the information a helpful reminder of some of the key techniques for managing the case discussion. These resources in and of themselves do not qualify an individual as a case method instructor, but instead are provided to help qualitfied individuals prepare and execute a case study discussion.

The videos feature insight from Willis Emmons, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Christensen Center for Teaching and Learning at the Harvard Business School. The videos also feature V.G. Narayanan, Thomas D. Casserly, Jr., Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, leading a discussion of the Hollate Manufacturing Case Study.

The case study discussion videos include:

The CAQ maintains a list of qualified individuals who have agreed to teach the case to interested organizations. Please e-mail us for more information.

For additional resources on teaching the case method, visit the Christensen Center for Teaching and Learning at the Harvard Business School. The site features Case Method in Practice, with resources that provide perspectives and video commentary from instructors on teaching the case method. Materials available on the Case Method in Practice site include: