Corporate decision-making: Why choose a CPA for your ESG assurance needs?

Friday, April 28, 2023

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ESG considerations have become a core part of investment analysis and a top priority for corporations and communities. There has been an acceleration in the number of companies reporting on ESG risks and opportunities; a dramatic shift in the range of stakeholders (investors, employees, customers, and others) demanding ESG prioritization; an evolution of laws and regulations on ESG matters; and massive fund flow into ESG investment strategies as the finance sector increasingly recognizes the importance of ESG factors to long-term performance and corporate value.

As organizations increasingly report ESG, or sustainability-related information, investors, regulators, and other stakeholders are placing greater emphasis on the reliability of this information. Download this publication to further explore:

  • Increasing demand for independently assured ESG information by public companies
  • How third party, independent assurance may be required or desired by private companies
  • The benefits of engaging a CPA for third party assurance of ESG information

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