June 5, 2023

Views on Public Company Auditors: Audit Committee Member and Institutional Investor Research Findings

As part of the CAQ’s efforts to engage a broader array of stakeholders and serve as a prominent voice for the audit profession, KRC Research conducted qualitative research in the format of in-depth interviews with Institutional Investors and Audit Committee Members of publicly traded companies.

  • The research was designed to assess sentiment toward public company auditors, including:
  • Overall impressions, including recent trends.
  • The value, expertise, and independence of public company auditing.
  • The role public company auditors play in measuring GAAP and non-GAAP components of a business.
  • The role public company auditors play in evaluating environmental, social and governance (ESG) statements issued by publicly traded companies.

Download the full report now to explore insights into how institutional investors, who utilize the work of public company auditors, and audit committees, who oversee the work of auditors, perceive them.