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Accounting+ is an established initiative built to help corporate America achieve its diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives by building out a pipeline of skilled future talent.

Whether you are hiring accountants or skilled people to support your business functions, Accounting+ is creating the next generation of diverse leaders who are skilled in the language of business.

Accounting+, aimed at increasing the pipeline of diverse talent entering the accounting profession, is built on the principle that accounting as the language of business provides young people with the foundational knowledge to confidently enter the workforce. Whether you are focused on diversifying your pipeline, or eager to support upskilling under-represented communities, Accounting+ is the solution. Accounting+ is building the next generation of diverse leaders who are skilled in the language of the boardroom.

The problem

The post-Millennial generation, the oldest of whom are now entering the workforce, is the most racially and ethnically diverse population the U.S. has ever seen. Prior to their ascension, Millennials entered the workforce as the largest generation. Despite these changing and growing demographics in the United States, rates of Black and Latino accountants have remained relatively stagnant over the last decade. At the same time, the number of students expressing interest in accounting overall has steadily declined. These two head winds pose a real challenge to the ability of businesses in the United States to function in the future because of the critical role that accountants play in everyday operations of companies of every size, in every industry, in every geographic region.

The rate of diverse accounting graduates falls behind national averages for the population overall. However, the challenge extends beyond one of diversity, with the overall pipeline continuing to decline since the 2015 academic year.

US population:

13.6% Black

18.9% Latino

Diverse accounting graduates:

7% Black

13% Latino

Total accounting graduates:

-2.8% Bachelor's

-8.4% Master's

Annual job openings in accounting:


Fewer than 100K people sitting for CPA exam

Stereotypical views, misconceptions of accountants as well as the lack of diversity in the profession currently have led many Black and Latino students to think the career is not for them. We are here to change those misperceptions and ensure that the accounting profession looks more like society overall.

The solution

Accounting+ is tailored to introduce a career in accounting to high school, entry-level college, and community college Black and Latino students, debunk their long-held misconceptions and provide resources that are tailored to walk students through a career readiness path – from understanding their potential to realizing it – by coaching them through college applications, internship and scholarship exploration, access to career mentors, and entry into the workforce. Along the way, Accounting+ uses testimonials from real accountants and business leaders to inspire students to realize their potential. After all, you can’t be what you can’t see.

Wins & goals

Our vision is for Accounting+ to grow into the go-to resource for high school and entry-level college students across their educational journey as we drive them to pursue business-oriented careers. Since its inception and launch in January 2022, Accounting+ has accomplished the following:

The rate of diverse accounting graduates falls behind national averages for the population overall. However, the challenge extends beyond one of diversity, with the overall pipeline continuing to decline since the 2015 academic year.

  • Established a multi-year branding and persuasion model designed to elevate the image and attractiveness of accounting among Black and Latino student populations.
  • In just one year our content has been seen nearly 640 million times and more than 1.7 million students have visited the website.

  • Nationally scaled campaigns and partnerships rooted in cultural context and research.
  • Pre-campaign and mid-campaign ongoing first-party research.
  • Partnering with cultural marketing and communications, and educational curriculum experts.

Members & benefits

Accounting+ is operated by the Center for Audit Quality with seed funding from eight of the country’s largest public accounting firms including BDO, Crowe, Deloitte, EY, Grant Thornton, KPMG, PwC and RSM. However, the Accounting+ campaign is built on the idea that we are facing a collective challenge, and so we require a collective solution from accounting firms, the corporate community, state societies, other associations and all stakeholders who have an interest in growing a diverse accounting talent pipeline.

To date, we have expanded the number of accounting firms and other organizations contributing to Accounting+. As of December 2022, the Accounting+ campaign has 30+ partners.

Through Accounting+, these organizations have reaffirmed their commitment to upskilling underrepresented talent and revitalizing a stigmatized profession.

Leading employers must come together to tackle the corporate diversity challenge at scale. By signing on as an Accounting+ partner, you can realize the following benefits:

  • Play a role in a key cultural moment by upskilling the next generation of business leaders in the language of business.
  • Reputational/brand benefits that showcase your DEI commitment by supporting Black and Latino youth. Easy-to-use partner PR and communications materials are provided to make it easy to demonstrate your commitment to DEI and Accounting+.
  • Promote your scholarship, internship, and similar opportunities directly to students at a much broader scale.
  • Secure opportunities to feature your employees in our promotional materials and strategic partnership content. Partners to date have enjoyed exposure in Buzzfeed, HerCampus, TikTok, Instagram, and more.
  • Leverage a national partnership with EVERFI, a leading digital education provider, to facilitate one-on-one engagements between your professionals and one thousand high schools across the nation.

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