The Possibilities in an Accounting Career

The accounting talent pipeline is a topic getting attention in the media, at firms, and in colleges around the country. What’s often missing from these public discussions is a look at what accounting offers today’s students. Accounting is a people-centric field that involves working on high-impact projects in teams, honing skills in business, technology, and operations. 

I was drawn into accounting because of the profession’s purpose to serve the public interest and the flexibility the field offered.  

Like other professions, we are always working to shape the future, define our relevance, and meet the expectations of our talent. Addressing barriers to entry like the 150-hour rule, as referenced in your article, could help recruit new people to accounting. But there are other barriers. More than 90% of high school and college students say that the current regulatory environment is another reason they pass up accounting.  

There are good reasons to go into accounting. The sense of purpose and flexibility that attracted me, the chance to play a pivotal role in the success of a business, and the broad business acumen gained from a degree in accounting are just a few.  

The profession is working to bring students back into the accounting pipeline with efforts like my organization’s Accounting+ campaign, a coalition initiative shedding light on what accounting is, and isn’t, for high school and college students. As a first-generation college graduate who decided to pursue a career in accounting when I was exposed to it in high school, I understand the value of talking to students early about what it’s really like to be an accountant.  

Accounting has been a rewarding career for me. It can be for today’s students as well.