Videos: Classroom and Training Resources

The CAQ creates educational videos that can be used in the classroom or as training resources. Available videos include a "Video Vignettes" series that provides a view into the types of conversations that take place during an audit. Videos also include classroom-ready excerpts derived from an expert panel at a CAQ event.

For use in the classroom, the CAQ has created videos of expert panel discussions, as well as a series of video vignettes.

The panel discussion videos are short excerpts from a CAQ event where practitioners and a leading academic provide perspectives on various issues related to the auditors’ risk assessment of a company. Included are the panelist bios and free short descriptions of each video excerpt. 

The vignettes provide insights into the types of conversations that occur between audit team members, as well as between auditors and preparers. The discussions captured in the videos can also be used in other teaching situations, as they highlight communications and interviewing techniques, professional skepticism, and how to navigate conversations on difficult and sensitive issues. As a companion to the vignettes, the CAQ offers teaching notes to help experienced trainers and educators lead an interactive discussion around the auditing issues addressed in the videos. If you have experience teaching auditing or leading learning and development programs, and wish to request a free copy of the teaching notes, please register here.

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