March 6, 2024

Statement of Support for the SEC’s Final Rule on Climate-Related Disclosures

The Center for Audit Quality (CAQ) supports the SEC’s vote to adopt a final rule that will bring clarity, consistency and comparability to company-reported climate information and will require assurance over certain aspects of this information. In adopting the final rule, the SEC has recognized the valuable role that assurance plays in bringing accountability and objectivity to company-reported climate disclosures.

“While we are still digesting the final rules, the SEC took a step forward today in providing much needed clarity on the reporting of climate-related information by public companies,” said Julie Bell Lindsay, Chief Executive Officer of the CAQ. “Whether greenhouse gas emissions or the impact of climate issues in company financial statements, audit firms – with their deep understanding of company financial records, operations, business strategies and internal controls – stand ready to bring their independence and objectivity in providing assurance on this information.”