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When you start with accounting, your possibilities are limitless.

Check out Accounting+ and discover where a career in accounting can take you.

Public company auditing offers an exciting career path with unlimited, diverse opportunities for accelerated development and growth.

Auditors have the chance to gain exposure to a variety of industries and business types, providing an opportunity to develop a deep understanding of how different companies work. They are encouraged to find a path that complements their strengths and interests, helping them reach their full potential.

Auditing is rigorous, challenging, complex, and ever-changing. It requires inquisitive minds and a diverse skill set. It is an innovative profession, harnessing the latest in information technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to enhance audit quality and to meet the evolving needs of investors and capital markets. A career in audit or accounting isn’t all number crunching, and Accounting+ can help you explore the possibilities of a career in accounting.

The audit profession continues to be committed to fostering a profession that’s as diverse as the world around it. Our resources aim to provide pathways for everyone interested in a career in audit, regardless of their background.

Discover below whether a career in audit is right for you:

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