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Accounting+ is a nationwide campaign expanding the pipeline of diverse accountants. Operating under the belief that you can’t be what you can’t see, Accounting+ is introducing the next generation of students to the limitless possibilities a career in accounting holds, tackling long-held misconceptions about accounting, and providing students with resources that will guide them on their path into a successful career.

The Accounting+ Academic resource hub is designed to arm you with a wide variety of resources – from videos to research– to supplement your in-classroom curriculum. All resources are grounded in research- each year we conduct a qualitative and quantitative analysis to understand what messages resonate with student audiences about the potential of a career in accounting. This research is utilized in developing the content on this site. Explore below!

Welcome to the Accounting+ Video Gallery, your gateway to engaging and informative content designed to enhance your academic experience.

A Career for Champions : Steelers x Accounting+

Omar Khan tells us about his journey in becoming General Manager of the Pittsburgh Steelers and how accounting allowed him to turn his passion into a successful career.

Humble Lukanga | Good Lookin’ Out

Episode 1 | Humble Lukanga Discusses Perseverance, Adversity, and Financial Literacy

Episode 2 | Humble Lukanga Wants to Make the Impossible Possible for Clients

Episode 3 | Humble Lukanga & Bobby Wagner Talk Wealth Management and Black Excellence

Episode 4 | Humble Lukanga Finds Joy in Sharing Success with Others

Jubilee x Accounting+

Blind dating men by bank accounts | vs 1

Accounting+ Presents Futuristic

The possibilities are endless with a career in accounting. Invest in yourself today with Accounting+ to see your career go sky-high.

DEI Manager’s Insider Tips to Ace Your Career!

Gain a competitive edge in your accounting journey. This DEI consultant shares exclusive interview tips and advice to navigate internships and other opportunities. Whether you're starting or advancing, discover crucial insights for success. Don't miss the chance to boost your career!

Empowering Women in Accounting: CPA Insights & Success Tips

Unlock the secrets to success in accounting as a woman of color. Check out this CPA tax accountant’s valuable tips on opportunities, certifications, and standing out in the field. Elevate your career with practical advice.

Mythbusters: Pro and Future Accountant Play Two Truths and a Lie | Accounting+

Explore the truths and misconceptions about accounting in a game with a student and an experienced accountant. They share insights on the future of the field and discuss the genuine successes it holds. Join the conversation for a no-nonsense take on the accounting world.

Forensic Accountant Uncovers Myths & Misconceptions about Accounting

Join a forensic accountant and an AIS major as they dispel common myths, discuss diverse opportunities, and highlight the unwavering job security in the world of accounting. Find key insights and discover your career in accounting!

Networking Triumphs: An Immigrant Journey to Accounting Success

Join us for a powerful interview with an accountant who conquered challenges to achieve success. Learn the art of networking and meaningful conversations to open doors in your accounting career. Don't miss the key insights for your path to triumph!

Top Things You Should Do When Starting Your Accounting Career

Starting your accounting journey? Here are the top 3 skills that can give you a leg up, from KPMG accountants.

Work in Tech, Manufacturing, or Any Industry- Finance is the Foundation for Everything

Des Clarke, Director of Payments Accounting at Amazon tells us his story as an accountant.

From Undecided Major to International Business Manager

Hannibal Blocker, Head of Global Tax Controversy at Walmart tells us his story as an accountant.

How to Prepare for an Interview

Preparing for an interview is more than planning your outfit. If you are preparing to interview at an accounting firm, save these tips to learn how to interview confidently and land your dream accounting role.

Stand Out When Applying to Internships

Starting to look for accounting internships or programs? This accountant shares her top tips to help you land your dream internship. If you think there's no place for you, there is!

Accounting is a Good Place to Start

It's okay if you don't know how to start. Check out this advice from these career accountants to help you move forward, confidently.

How to Succeed in Accounting

Ready to find your calling? Consider accounting! These accounting students and professionals share their insights on how to succeed.

Accounting and Technology: An Evolving Workforce

Traditional accounting is a thing of the past. Evolutions in data and technology are transforming the way accounting is done as the role of accountants grow.

Entrepreneurship: Your Passions Choose You

Your passions choose you. Accounting can help you on your path to entrepreneurship.

Giving Back: The Impact of Accounting

Accounting lays the foundation for growth in your own life, and it provides an opportunity to give back and uplift those around you.

Misconceptions About Accounting: What I Wish I Knew

Accounting is more than just number crunching. Here’s what you need to know.

The Language of Business: Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

A career in accounting can take you anywhere. Once you learn the language of business, the possibilities are limitless.

You Know the Basics! What’s Next?

You’ve made it to the end of the semester! Learn some helpful tips about what you can do next.

Your Career+ Webinar Series

Bridge the gap between education and real-world experiences by giving students access to accounting professionals who look like them and who have already gone through the journey to provide invaluable guidance that helps students navigate their path toward accounting more effectively. We want students to walk away with actionable advice that they use the Accounting+ platform to help begin to implement.

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