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Future Auditors

The path to a dynamic and fulfilling career

Are you purpose-driven? Are you a natural problem solver with an unquenchable curiosity? Are you fascinated by the inner workings of companies and financial markets?  Then a career in audit may be right for you.

Public company auditing offers an exciting career path with unlimited, diverse opportunities for accelerated development and growth. Auditors have the chance to gain exposure to a variety of industries and business types, providing an opportunity to develop a deep understanding of how different companies work. They are encouraged to find a path that complements their strengths and interests, helping them reach their full potential.

Auditing is rigorous, challenging, complex, and ever-changing. It requires inquisitive minds and a diverse skillset. It is an innovative profession, harnessing the latest in information technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to enhance audit quality and to meet the evolving needs of investors and capital markets.

The best and brightest minds

In their work, public company auditors engage not only with the leading minds in the auditing profession but also in the businesses that they audit—chief executives, chief financial officers, boards of directors, the audit committees who have oversight of the audit, and others. The longer you work in public company auditing, the more your knowledge grows about how companies work, what makes companies successful, and what it takes to be a great business leader.

Your passport to mobility & flexibility

The profession recognizes that its greatest asset is its people. Public company audit firms have a reach tradition of flexible work arrangements, mentorship programs, and ongoing training and development opportunities for employees. Through their global networks, larger firms also offer exciting opportunities to work almost anywhere in the world. These are among a host of reasons why you will find many public company auditing firms on employee-rated lists of the best companies for which to work and the best companies to launch your career.

A sense of purpose

Auditing is a cornerstone of the capital markets—and, by extension, the entire economy. In complex and increasingly global financial markets, people are looking for some measure of assurance, something they can trust. Auditors build that trust by providing assurance about the integrity of ICFR and the financial statements issued by companies offering shares to the public.

Investors value the important role that auditors play. Year after year, the Center for Audit Quality’s Main Street Investor Survey shows that investors place the highest level of confidence in independent auditors as the member of the financial reporting supply chain that is looking out for investor interests. Simply put, the pursue a career in public company auditing is to uphold free enterprise.

Continuous development

In an effort to address dynamic business conditions and as a part of its ongoing quest to enhance audit quality, the auditing profession is committed to a continuous cycle of improvement and development. This commitment is exemplified through numerous training and quality control programs that aim to help auditors exhibit the appropriate levels of independence, objectivity, and skepticism, and stay on top of the latest developments impacting financial reporting. This continuous cycle of improvement and development is at the core of the profession and impacts nearly every aspect of a firm and its people, including career advancement.



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