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CAQ Snapshot: May 2020

Thursday, May 28, 2020

New Auditing Documentary Premieres

The CAQ is supporting a new documentary, premiering June 5 on public television, about three young adults who discover how people of all backgrounds and passions forge their own career paths through the auditing profession. The CAQ’s support for the Making It Balance documentary is part of the Discover Audit initiative, which seeks to attract the next generation of diverse and dynamic talent to the world of public company auditing.

Traveling from Austin to Boston, road-trippers Sobia, Da’Rell, and Leilani interviewed experienced auditors and business leaders to learn how working as an auditor can serve as a stepping stone for a diverse and varied career. After conducting inspiring interviews with notable current and former auditors, each of the road trippers decided to pursue a career in auditing.

Watch the trailer here and join the conversation via the social media toolkit (enter password: ShareYourRoad).

The CAQ’s Research Advisory Board Awards Four New Grants

The CAQ’s Research Advisory Board (RAB) has awarded four new grants to fund independent academic research on projects of interest to the auditing profession. Over the past 12 years, the CAQ has provided funding for 48 such projects through its Research Advisory Board (RAB) grant program.

These RAB grant recipients will be provided funding and, since they are all behavioral research projects, they will also be given access to auditors from the CAQ Governing Board firms. To date, RAB grant projects have produced 22 peer-reviewed journal articles, which can be accessed on the CAQ website here.

The request for proposals (RFP) for the 2021 cycle will be released in November 2020; proposal submissions will be due by Monday, March 15, 2021.

Data Ethics and Governance during COVID-19

There are more technological advances designed to collect data today than ever before. The enormous amount of data being used, shared, and leveraged raises urgent questions about data ethics and governance. Get insights from a new report from the Institute of Internal Auditors on these concepts in a rapidly changing field and on the impact of COVID-19. This is the third article in the Anti-Fraud Collaboration’s series on emerging technology and fraud.

Additional COVID-19 Resources

The CAQ is committed to helping our audience stay on top of auditing developments related to COVID-19. To help you stay engaged, we’re compiling new information weekly, so continue to check our website for access to important updates, including CAQ-developed resources such as the recently published Auditing Accounting Estimates in the COVID-19 Environment.

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