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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

As the audit profession continues to evolve, what can you expect in its future? Inclusivity.

Today, auditors are playing an increasingly larger and more interesting role in solving complex problems, and audit firms recognize the need for diverse voices at the table to help shape the future of the profession. In fact, they recognize this so much so that many have developed programs aimed at ensuring that everyone in their organizations feels welcome and included. 

Some of the leading public accounting firm CEOs have gone on the record about the importance of diversity and inclusion in their organizations:

“Together, we have made unprecedented progress, but we must continue to challenge ourselves in new ways to foster more open, inclusive and diverse workplaces and communities.” – Tim Ryan, US Chairman and Senior Partner of PwC

“Diversity and inclusion will make us better—better employers, colleagues and neighbors.” – KPMG US Chairman and CEO Lynne Doughtie

“Building an environment that celebrates and includes differences is essential to developing the transformative leaders we need in today’s complex business environment.” – EY US Chairman and Managing Partner and Americas Managing Partner, Kelly Grier

Whether through their day-to-day work, their firms, or through themselves, auditors are committed to doing good and changing the world.

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