Auditors enhance the reliability of various kinds of company-reported information.

Public company auditors are steeped in bringing accountability, standards-based analysis, and objectivity to the review of company-reported information. Beyond the traditional financial statements, this skill set is easily transferable to emerging corporate reporting priorities.

20 years after the passage of the Sarbenes Oxley Act, hear from SEC Chairman Gary Gensler and our CEO, Julie Bell Lindsday, as they discuss the past, present, and future of audit quality.

The public company auditing profession is ever-changing. Investor interest in ESG, non-GAAP measures, cybersecurity, and other types of non-traditional disclosures continues to grow to meet the needs of our capital markets.

As more stakeholders rely on this data, corporate reporting must adapt to ensure hardworking Americans can continue to depend on the financial services they use every day. Auditors are already enhancing the reliability of non-traditional disclosures, and our profession continues to monitor emerging trends in corporate reporting.

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