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Our Mission

The International Practices Task Force (IPTF) is a task force of the SEC Regulations Committee. The IPTF meets periodically with the staff of the SEC to discuss and focus on international emerging technical accounting and reporting issues relating to SEC rules and regulations.



The objective of the IPTF is to protect investors by improving the quality of public company financial reporting by identifying, discussing, and facilitating resolution of issues relating to the promulgation, interpretation, and application of SEC rules, regulations, and policies with the assistance of the SEC staff and communicating those matters publicly on a timely basis.

Specifically, the mission of the IPTF is to identify, discuss, and facilitate resolution of practice issues requiring special consideration by foreign domiciled companies, both those that are SEC registrants and those exempt from registration with the SEC, and the auditors of such companies.


Meeting Highlights & Inflation Discussion Documents

The IPTF meets periodically with SEC staff to discuss emerging technical accounting and reporting issues relating to SEC rules and regulations.

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In an effort to facilitate greater consistency, the IPTF developed a framework for compiling inflation data to assist registrants in monitoring inflation statistics in connection with their determination of the inflationary status of countries in which they have operations.

View inflation documents


Annette Schumacher, CPA, CGMA
Senior Director, Professional Practice