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Our Values


At the CAQ, we share a core belief in working together to leverage the skills and strengths of our team. We collaborate to deliver meaningful results and impact those we serve through wisdom, diligence, and creativity. Our values guide our work individually and together, while helping us to consistently maintain our organization’s commitment to balance, quality of life, and a positive nature.




Equity Equity

Operate with a sense of fairness and consideration for the whole, recognizing that “fair” does not mean “equal”

  • Strive to make impartial decisions
  • Give colleagues the benefit of the doubt
  • Pay attention to others

Collegiality Collegiality

Foster a community built on mutual trust, respect, and kindness

  • Communicate directly, transparently, and considerately
  • Align words and actions
  • Embrace fun and humor

Dedication Dedication

Commit to delivering quality results and making an impact

  • Demonstrate a willingness to go above and beyond
  • Persist in spite of obstacles
  • Follow through to completion

Judgement Judgement

Create an environment that encourages critical thinking and actively seeks and incorporates diversity of thought

  • Seek and consider alternative perspectives
  • Listen actively
  • Encourage healthy debate and support the outcomes