Smaller Firm Task Force

The Smaller Firm Task Force (SFTF) is a task force of the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ). The mission of the SFTF is to provide a forum for smaller CAQ member firms to express their views, deliberate issues and identify technical and regulatory matters involving smaller firm audit practice before the SEC and the PCAOB.

If you have a technical or regulatory public company auditing issue of broad application and of potential interest to all smaller firm practitioners that you would like the SFTF to consider addressing at its next meeting, please send a note to the CAQ SFTF Mailbox. Issues may relate to for example, best practices, risk management policies or sharing of experiences in certain industries or subject matter areas. Your note should provide a description of the issue and, when possible, a clear statement of your point of view or your firm’s policy on the subject matter. Your note should also provide your contact information. Please note that specific technical inquiries involving narrow issues or those that are highly fact dependent will not be discussed by the Task Force. The CAQ Technical Resource Page provides member firms with resources to assist in effectively communicating with regulators and standard-setters on technical inquiries relevant to public company audits. It is also intended to direct CAQ members to sources of authoritative literature to assist in developing their own conclusions on a specific technical matter.









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